Towards the end of August, Fandom Roleplay Network will be hosting its second inter-wiki event. We are excited to announce the August 2017 Story Writing Event.

Anybody who is an active user from a Participating Wiki may take part in this event. In order to register as a part of the competition, please leave a comment below to indicate your interest, or contact a member of the Local Staff

Each participant will write a story that is between 200 and 5000 words long based on a writing prompt given by the Local Staff. Once all of the stories are in, the participants are encouraged to vote their favorite story for the User Choice Award.

The deadline is now September 9th.


You have one week to write a story with one of the following prompts.

  • You wake up to alarms blaring. You run to the bridge of the spaceship you captain, and find out you are terribly, terribly off course.
  • There has been a murder and you are one of the prime suspects. Knowing you didn't do it, you must prove yourself not guilty while finding the true culprit.
  • He woke up with a headache, two pairs of broken glasses, and one shoe. He didn’t wear glasses, and the shoe wasn’t his, so this presented him with something of a conundrum.
  • “You’re lucky I’m tired because if I was fully awake I would have already shoved you off this roof.”
  • Magic doesn’t need to explain anything to anyone. It has nothing to prove and nothing to be. It just is.

(Credit to for the final three.)

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