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The Avatar Roleplay Wiki (or ARPW) is an RP Wiki based in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.


The Avatar RP Wiki is a site dedicated to the adventures set within the world of Avatar, primarily revolving around the events taking part in Republic City and its people. Users can create their own characters and take part in various events, either making their own path through life, or becoming a member of one of the various groups operating within the city. Learn the truth to who really is in control of the Republic City, and make your choice to either stand with them, or against them.

Set over 200 years after the days of Avatar Korra, Republic City has forgotten the peaceful ways of its founder, Avatar Aang. The city has seen much turmoil since its creation, and no longer retains the peace of its halcyon days. With its unity fractured, many elements attempt to claim the city for their own, while others take it upon themselves to save it.

The citizens of Republic City differ greatly in their origin and morality. Some are peaceful, law abiding pacifists, while others are violent and merciless killers who give no heed to the laws of the land. One must be strong if they wish to survive or even change the city for the better, as even the police struggle to keep the peace in these ever turbulent times. Some citizens choose to fight back on their own terms, and reclaim the city from the grip of organised crime, while others see it as nothing more than their own domain, happily tearing it apart for the sheer enjoyment. Truly, the city finds itself at an impasse, and in dire need of hope.

But not all of it is about such large scale and violent acts. Republic City and its neighboring town of Yu Dao can be the setting stage for random encounters, strong friendships, loving relationships or even marriage. However your journey might go, the city is waiting.