More rules will be added as needed.

Please note that these rules do not apply to the wikis participating, but rather to keep this wiki clean. For those, please see the Wiki Standards.


  1. Play Nice.
    A. No Spamming
    B. No Vandalism
    C. No Trolling
    D. No Harassment
  2. Be Courteous.
    A. No Pornography
    B. No Gore
    C. No Dark Humor
    D. No Attention Seeking
  3. Only edit where you should.
    A. Official pages are not a sandbox just to do whatever you want in. Contact a member of the Local Staff before editing.
    B. If you are not an administrator on a wiki, don't edit its page unless you have explicit written permission from an administrator.

Chat Rules

  1. Obey general rules.
  2. If you are told to move on, move on.
  3. Do not excessively advertise in chat.



  1. Warning on wall / Kick from chat
  2. One day block / ban
  3. One week block / ban
  4. One month block / ban
  5. Infinite block / ban

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