More Standards will be added as needed.

For your wiki to be a viable member of the network, it must reach certain standards, and stay there. If you are looking for the rules that apply to the network wiki, and not individual wikis, please see the Rules of FRN.


  1. The wiki must be roleplay-centric.
    A. At least one half of the wiki's content should be characters, locations, lore, or actual roleplay.
    B. Roleplays must occur there, be that on forums, discussions, pages, chat, or on an associated site such as a Discord channel.
  2. The wiki must be an active roleplay community
    A. There must have been at least one roleplay thread that reached at least 100 posts in the last month. For continuous membership, this must continue at least once monthly.
    B. There must be at least one active administrator who the Local Staff here may work with.